Oh Apple…Ping is not the First of its Kind….Or Second…or Seventh

On Wednesday, Apple’s Co-Founder and CEO, Steve Jobs announced the release of Ping, Apple’s first venture into the world of social media. The concept behind the budding new network is solid enough: Take the access to millions of active iTunes users, combine that with pretty much the largest library of recorded music and POW! Instant social giant! It all makes total sense; and actually probably should have been something that the company had done years ago.

Here’s the funny part.

If you listened to the way Jobs spoke about Ping, you would have thought the very concept of a social music service was not only revolutionary, but also his idea. We of course know this is not only false, but totally ridiculous. Services like Pandora, Last.Fm, Playlist.com, Grooveshark and many others have been doing what Ping is for years now.  Not to mention, “Ping” is one letter off from Microsoft’s new search engine “Bing.”

Steve Jobs must think he is a Jedi or something, standing before the world, speaking with such conviction, that in his own universe, he’s probably even convinced himself .


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