Personal Technology in 2014

We can all agree that this would be cool.  Although, I’ve never personally seen it, I’ve read that we have the basic technology to develop expandable phones and projected LED screens, like the ones in the video.  But there are some things that might get in the way of delivery:

  1. There are only a handful of companies in the world with the resources to deliver this type of tech.
  2. What we just saw is so far ahead of what these companies are delivering now that they would miss out on profit margins if they skipped ahead a few generations to do it.
  3. If such a jump were made, the cost of production would be so astronomical that no one would be able to afford it.

About bryantanner

I'm obsessed with learning via the appropriate technology. My professional mission is to effectively deliver instruction to learners in a way that yields the greatest results for all stakeholders involved.
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