What is an Instructional Technologist?

Instructional designers and instructional technologists are similar in job role, function, and career paths. Instructional designers and instructional technologists are in high demand as organizations are turning towards instructional designers to solve business performance problems and to provide rich learning opportunities. Below are a few definitions from on the terms instructional designer and instructional technologist:

What is an Instructional Designer?

An instructional designer is somebody who applies a systematic methodology based on instructional theory to create content for learning events.

An instructional designer is an individual who develops the methodology and delivery systems for presenting course content.

What is an Instructional Technologist?

Let me be entirely clear here, an instructional technologist should not, I repeat should not, be an administrator. To conflate the roll of an instructional technologist with administrative work is to sap it of its transformative vitality. Instructional technologists should do three things, and do them well: 1) work closely with faculty on imagining possibilities, 2) live within the latest technologies and 3) imagine and experiment with possibilities regularly. The less time an instructional technologists spends thinking about administering a system, the more time he or she can actually do these three things.

What does an instructional technologist do…

* Evaluate new technologies to discover new and better ways to enhance instruction
* Assist faculty in discovering methods of improving their instruction with and without technology
* Conduct training sessions teaching faculty and staff how to use new technologies
* Conduct research studies evaluating the use of technologies and their impact on student learning outcomes
* Create training materials to accommodate the self-learners and provide resources for our “customers”
* Manage the implementation of new technologies on-campus for the use of instruction



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I'm obsessed with learning via the appropriate technology. My professional mission is to effectively deliver instruction to learners in a way that yields the greatest results for all stakeholders involved.
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