How to Install and Run Microsoft Communicator on Mac

Like many people, I’ve been asked to adopt Microsoft Communicator as the official corporate IM service. In order to talk to all the Windows users in the company, I needed a way to speak the Microsoft SIP variant that Communicator uses. I was not able to find any help from our tech department (because they “don’t support Mac”). Fortunately the Yammer community has come up with a solution:

The LDS Software Download for Mac

Click this link and enter your account username and password:

The Communicator:Mac Problem

So, since my “time and date” were correct, I knew it had to be a “certificate” issue.  @Noah Sparks [#nsparks] located an obscure script for me on a hidden server down at the Motion Picture Studio that I downloaded and ran.  It automatically installed the required certificates to my Keychain Access application. Once installed, all I had to do was sign in, making sure that the “Use my network ID and Password” option was checked.

The Communicator:Mac Solution

Microsoft Communicator for Mac KeychainI’d post the certificate script here but I think it would definitely be a security issue. I don’t like the idea of forcing Mac users to contact me or Noah in the future, but if you are stuck in the future, contacting one of us seems to be the only solution currently…  Ask for the file, “LDS Certificate.pkg”

Additional non-LDS resourse:

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