SuddenlySmart inspired by The Matrix (1999)

Have you ever fantasized about being able to learn “Jiu-Jitsu 101” like Neo in the film, The Matrix?   In the scene below, the female character, Trinity,  just get’s plugged into a computer a instructions on how to pilot a specific helicopter are uploaded directly to her brain within seconds. (The title of the video below is a debate to be saved for another post.)

Although this eLearning technology is not yet available (and would only be considered the  first step in the actual “learning” process) it is the ultimate vision at SuddenlySmart, creators of the SmartBuilder eLearning authoring tool–to allow learners to simply “get it” in an instant.

Here is an interview article by Susan Smith Nash, a P.hD. in English, who interviewed the CEO at Suddenly Smart.  His name is Robert Penn–he is currently building a special XML application to help in mass translation.

Suddenly Smart’s primary focus is our award-winning e-learning authoring tool called SmartBuilder. SmartBuilder is used to create self-paced e-learning. You can think of it as a sort of “Flash for dummies”. In other words, it provides the power and flexibility needed for creating rich, interactive learning experiences, but you don’t have to be a programmer or to use it. The learning curve is about 2-4 days versus many months for Flash. The goal is to empower trainers and instructional designers to actually develop their own content rather than having to hand off designs to programmers for development.

What are the implications of becoming “Suddenly Smart?”  We don’t know what goes on in the learner’s mind that creates/implants those cognitive connections–they could be life-like simulations that can be called upon like a Solid State Hard Drive, or they could just be memory implants.  Regardless of how they got there, learning doesn’t happen until the information is applied.  You can know something without being able to do it.  Application takes practice.  In The Matrix, they practiced within virtual simulations (Youtube video link) worlds.

SmartBuilder Examples on their website.


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