Stephen Fry was the 2nd Adopter of Mac in England

Interviewer: Are you an early adopter of new technology?

Fry: I think I was the second person ever to have a MAC in England; Douglas Adams being the first. And before that I had BBC computers, the Micros – The Acorn Micro and the Sinclairs and all those sort of things, I had a short time with the Apricot. A lot of these brands no longer exist, of course. So from the very earliest, I’ve been really interested in new technologies. In those days, you really had to program. As far as the Internet is concerned, I think, I was the first person I ever knew on the Internet, which is not to say I was the first person only before the World Wide Web existed. It was a strange, very nerdy world. The only person I could send e-mails to was someone like myself, interested in new technologies; so it would be some specky person in Washington and we’d talk about tweaking our subnet masks, and writing these little interSLIP scripts which would try to leap on to the Internet.


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