mLearning Lessons Learned from Outstart Knowledge Solutions Blog

“We continue on being amazed by the thoughtfulness, experience, innovation and critical thinking of our customers who continue on trying variety of approaches to mlearning. In a recent pilot one of our customer’s thinking evolved as follows: Their first take was that courses should take less than ten minutes and cover just one discrete topic. The content should break down neatly into key points and It should be easily communicated by text and be as practical as possible. They had defined a strategy to have at least one final question and that the pilot was to support other current training. It should focus on a discrete target audience.

We all thought this was a great approach that made complete sense to all of us. They reflected our collective prior experience as learning designers.

As the pilot rolled out the training and development organization learned a few lessons.

  1. Mobile learning is less likely to be a “course.”
  2. Trimming out content from a course to make it shorter can take its toll on the course’s impact.
  3. Courses are time consuming.
  4. They also often rely on setting up a flow of thought where one activity leads to another.
  5. Mobile learning situations may contain distractions that might break into the flow of a course.

At the conclusion of the pilot, their perspective had changed and their conclusion was that mobile learning is more likely to be “snippets” of learning.

There are many use cases:

  1. Short memory joggers that relate to the context of the moment
  2. Short quizzes to pre-qualify the learner for an upcoming activity or to verify compliance.
  3. Mobile learning can be useful as a point of need reference.
  4. It can also be used to reinforce formal learning
  5. It supports informal learning activities that first occurred in other formats.

Lastly and most importantly to them, their point of view at the conclusion of the pilot was that Mobile learning can be a great complement to courses but it is best to think of mobile learning away from the course framework so we can get out of the box that this can put you in.”



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I'm obsessed with learning via the appropriate technology. My professional mission is to effectively deliver instruction to learners in a way that yields the greatest results for all stakeholders involved.
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