Conversation I just had with a Digital Media Producer requesting a development bid

The following dialogue came straight from a email this afternoon.  (I removed the sender info from the thread.)

Steve: Can you give me an estimate to do six captivate videos at about one minute each? The client will provide the storyboard, content, and voice over. Thank you!

Bryan: Unfortunately, I’m unavailable to help right now, but let me ask you some questions to help you get a better idea of how many hours of development you are looking at.  First of all, let’s not gauge development time solely on the length of the piece.  We should also determine how complex it is.  Do you have an example of what they want the final outcome to look kind of like.  Consider also these additional questions:

  • More than just a screen capture?
  • Quizzing?
  • Creation of additional graphics?
  • How many additional page elements?
  • Branching?
  • Audio?
  • Etc.

Steve: Thanks Bryan! Here is an example of how they want it… A basic screen capture with possible title slides.

Bryan: Based on the example provided above, if there is an audio script at least written, and a SME is available to observe while the developer performs the screenrecording, I’d say all recording can be done in under an hour.  A prototype for the first one-minute video could be edited in 1-3 hours.  From there, it’s really up to the client approval process to see how much more attention they want.

Video flow: Is there a screen recording?  Not recorded; is a SME available to screen record?  No SME, Is there a detailed design document? No design document; come back to a developer once you get any of these.

Audio flow: Is there audio? Yes; Is there a finalized recorded audio script (best to record before video; it’s easier and more professional to adjust video to meet audio, than visa versa)?  Audio not recorded; Is there a script at all?  No script; is a SME available to record?  No SME, is there a detailed design document? No design document; a developer can’t help at this point.

p.s. Michael S sounds like he recorded that example at 4am! Haha

Steve: Thanks! Yes, there will be a script and the SME will provide the voice and onscreen actions. Would it be $50 or $25 and hour?

Bryan:  The degree of development difficulty doesn’t require an expert.  I think you can get away with a $25/hr resource.  Good luck!


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I'm obsessed with learning via the appropriate technology. My professional mission is to effectively deliver instruction to learners in a way that yields the greatest results for all stakeholders involved.
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2 Responses to Conversation I just had with a Digital Media Producer requesting a development bid

  1. Denise says:

    This was a great example. I am curios about something. What author ware was recommended (should have been recommended) to modify this proposed e-learning project in the “Digital Media Producer development bid scenario described?

    • bryantanner says:

      Denise, I’m not sure which tool the Producer ended up going with. The demo was created using Quicktime 7 Pro. Captivate or Camtasia would be easy to record and edit with. Or you could use any screen recorder and pull the video files into a video editor like Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, etc. The simplest solution is usually the best one.

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