Michael Allen’s Book, Leaving ADDIE for SAM

Michael Allen’s recently released book, Leaving ADDIE for SAM, is evolutionary!  The fundamental instructional design concepts are the same as they’ve always been, but supported by tools/technology that accelerates communication and mockups, Allen has given the old ADDIE model a face lift.  SAM emphasizes rapid iterations of the design/development process, allowing for a number of benefits:

  • Stakeholders are more closely involved in the design/development process, affording them greater control.
  • Money is saved by catching design/development errors early on.
  • By testing alpha and beta releases on test groups more frequently, the product will receive valuable feedback to enhance the final product.

Here are some additional highlights from Allen’s book, Leaving ADDIE for SAM:

  1. The starting place of every project is to decide what you want in your instructional products.  [Not which model to use.]  “It’s too early to define a process unless you’ve defined the product you want it to produce.” [When deciding which project management model to use.  E.g., ADDIE vs. SAM.]
  2. Meaningful, memorable, and motivational—these are the characteristics imperative for the success of instructional events.  If you’re e-learning module or classroom instruction is failing to do one of these things, your event will not produce the impact/change/ROI you desire.
  3. “Instruction isn’t primarily about presenting information. And learning isn’t primarily about knowing things. The goal is always about performance.”
  4. Michael Allen never said this, but after reading his CV and getting a feel for his life’s work, I think he would agree that instructional design is not about creating learning events; it’s about people and helping them make meaningful, measurable changes in organization.
  5. Here is a download of the preface to Leaving ADDIE for SAM.  FYI, it doesn’t really say much.

Michael’s new book is releasing next week, Leaving ADDIE for SAM, Sept. 26th!  If you’re interested, Michael and co-author, Richard Sites are doing a webcast next week with ASTD on it next Wednesday: http://www.astd.org/Digital-Resources/Webcasts/TD/Leaving-ADDIE-for-SAM

The book is out on Amazon right now but still not available for purchase – it will be for sure on the 26th.

Also see my previous post which includes a diagram of the successive approximation model (SAM)

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