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More resources from my BYU, Instructional Technology professor, Dr. Peter Rich, from our class blog.  The following tutorials are useful sources for learning programming languages.  I’ve picked up many programming conventions from watching online video tutorials or screencasts—A definite advantage over the static textbook.

    • is a site with video tutorials and source code to take you from novice to pro in a series of lessons. Though it’s normally a paid subscription, some institutions or companies have purchased education/corporate licences which gets you free access to all the videos and their sourcecode! BYU used to have access, but no longer.  This was the way to get there; maybe someday, they’ll bring it back:

      1. Go to
      2. In the bottom-left hand corner, where it says “Databases”, enter “Lynda” and click the “search” button
      3. On the resulting page, click the “” link.
      4. That’s it! You should now be at and have access through BYU’s portal (you may need to authenticate w/ your Route Y info)

      This is one of the major programming resources I used this semester to learn Javascript and JQuery. (They’ve also got some great training for PHP, SQL, and HTML5 I’ll probably go back and do.) The theory behind this instruction is very constructivist. They use problem-based learning to introduce concepts to you and then let you practice creating stuff on your own in an open environment. There is also a forum for asking and answering questions. Amazing resource, if you don’t need to understand the reasons behind every little step.


      This is a WONDERFUL site for beginners to advanced users. The thing I like about Digital-tutors’ tutorials is that they will demonstrate common mistakes people make as they guide you through the tutorial. It’s a sort of PCK-minded learning environment. The down side is the it’s $$$, um, expensive. However, if you register for a free trial, you can still gain access to some free tuts, so it’s worth signing up at least.

    • BYU IT training

      One of the great things about being at BYU is that we get resources and training for free. The IT department actually offers free beginning and intermediate courses on many tools (e.g., dreamweaver, flash, illustrator, photoshop, captivate, Qualtrics, MS Office, etc.). If you would like to take your training through one of these courses, you’re welcome to do so. Sign me up!

    • Tuts+

      This site has mostly 1-shot tutorials (as opposed to and, which have a curriculum of tutorials). It’s a fantastic resource dedicated to Web design, including Photoshop and Illustrator. The nice thing is that most of the content is FREE. If you want access to some special content, you can pay a nominal fee.

    • GoToAndLearn

      This site is a fun little play on words from a common function used in Flash. So, as you guessed, it’s a site with a bunch of free tutorials for those wanting to learn Flash and action scripting.

    • W3C Schools

      A great place to get started with FREE tutorials on All things Web. I often use this as a starting point.


      This is a great site for beginners. It feels like the same type of setup as W3C Schools in that it has a series of small tutorials (written) to take you from the very basic through some more advanced features. It’s useful to read through these as the authors explain how and why things work.

    • Advanced CSS layouts: Step by Step

      A great site to learn about Cascading Style Sheet layouts. There’re a lot of annoying ads on the page, but overall, it’s a good place to go to learn how layouts work.
      Advanced CSS Layouts


      A new player on the scene, this Florida-based firm gives learning programming a fun twist. Their Lynda-like videos are entertaining and very professionally made. While there is a price for membership, I believe they are legit and worth giving a shot!


      A fun little site dedicated to learning photoshop. There’s even an alternate site in Spanish, if that’s what you’re looking for.


      Folks on the iphonedevsdk forum have pointed to this as a good place to pick up some beginning tuts on iphone development.

p.s. I totally wrote the code for this page by hand.
View the developer tools > source code to check it out. (“SHIFT + COMMAND + U” in Chrome).

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