Video Production: Lighting

Lighting does three things for your video:

  1. Provides illumination
    1. Baselight—Minimun  light level to get a good image on video
    2. Gain—Tool that boost light sensitivity
      1. It gets grainier the more you gain
  2. Shows form
    1. Triangle (Three-point) lighting—best for motionless subjects, like interviews
      1. Key light—main source of illumination
      2. Fill—popping light into the shadow that the key light creates
      3. Backlight—creates a halo and pops the subject providing outline of the subject
  3. Creates mood
    1. High Key—Characteristically bright.  Strong key and back lighting.  Often associated with fashion.
    2. Low Key—Dark, with fast shadow fall off.  Often no key light and does not diffuse fill.

Lighting Accessories—control the direction and character of the light

    1. Scrims—metal plates that direct light
    2. Silks/Frost Gels—diffuses (softens) the line of light and shadow

Light Color

Bryan Kelvin

  • Measured on the Kelvin scale—”color temperature”
    • 3200K: studio flood lamps (warm yellow/orange)
    • 5600K: Daylight (blue)
  • Presets—Cameras have built-in filters that adjust for studio and day light
  • White Balance—Camera allow you to redefine what white is.
  • Mixing Light Sources
    • Always have the the same color temperature because a camera’s auto white balance feature one works when there is one temp.
    • To change the temp of studio lights, use gels



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