myScript Calculator App

I just discovered this app that saved me tons of time—it’s called myScript Calculator.  It is the most user-friendly calculator I’ve every seen! A perfect tool for math teachers to use for in-class demos. (Great for math students too.)  I used it this morning to figure out how to edit the dimensions of a computer image to reflect a new ratio, while maximizing the quality of the original image.

CNet Product Review
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FYI—my math problem turned out to have a very simple solution. Choose to keep either the numerator or the denominator of the original image dimension (expressed in fraction form). Then cross multiply with the ratio (fraction) that you want the image to become.  Finally, divide by the other number in the ratio.  e.g. Original image dimensions: 3601×2401.  Preferred ratio: 8:5 (expressed as 1.6).  Equation: X/2401 x 1.6 = 3841.6


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