Pinterest Web Analytics

Pinterest‘s blog just reported that they have launched a web analytics service to track engagement with photos:

To get started, just follow these steps:

  1. Get early access to Pinterest’s new look.
  2. Make sure you have a verified website. If you have a website listed on your profile with a check mark next to it, you’re verified. If not, follow these steps to verify. (I tried this for my Tumblr account, but it didn’t work.  Here is the help email explaining why it did work and their intention to fix the bug.  Bottomline: At this point, there can’t be capital letters on the website…)
  3. Once your website is verified, go to the top right menu and click on Analytics.
  4. Start exploring! Change your date range to see how things have changed over time or download your analytics to sort through the data on your own time.

You can track pinning activity

  • Find out how many people are pinning from your website, seeing your pins, and clicking your content. Pick a timeframe to see how your numbers trend over time.

You can learn what pinners like

  • Find out which pins get the most repins, who pins them, and what else people pin alongside them. Use this info to tailor your website and Pinterest boards.

You can see your analytics

(Pinterest Web Analytics Walkthrough on Vimeo)


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