Graphics Effects: Adobe After Effects

I use Adobe After Effects to generate video corrections and to add animations and other effects in video:

  • When using still image photography:
    • Video Formate SD (4:3) HD (16:9)
    • Use a grid for reference (TV Safe)
    • Video resolution SD: 729×480, HD 1920x1080px
    • Use larger images for camera moves
    • Font Size—no smaller than 18-24 pt.
    • Bright Colors are troublesome. Avoid bright red because it bleeds. “!” indicates color problems.
    • Interfield Jitter—will occur with hard horizontal lines
    • May occur with other cript details
    • May not be visible until video export
    • Use a .3-.6 gaussian blur to correct
  • Animation and Visual Effects:
    • 2D Animation (Flash/AfterEffects)
    • 3D Animation (Maya)
  • Pseudo-Animation:
    • Effects created by video transitions
  • After Effects/Motion (Apple):
    • Still image motion
    • image enhancement/correction
    • motion graphics
    • complete effects package

Video libraries are expensive so look for it in your software library first. If you don’t have it, make it yourself.  If you can’t, find free sources. Then buy it:

  • After Effects has a large “out-of-the-box” library.
  • 3rd-party plug-in library: by Red Giant
  • Royalty Free Stock Footage:
  • Royalty Free Stock Footage: Getty Images

Good examples of After Effects use in film:

  • Iron Man — Garvis and suit.
  • Stranger Than Fiction — All the fictiony stuff.
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World — All call outs.


EXODUS Trailer from Peder Norrby on Vimeo.


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