Quora: Tell me one Professor you believe is the best in the world and why?

Professor Walter Lewin. Professor Emeritus at MIT. Also called as the Professor who brings Physics to Life. Because…

  1. He knows his material.
  2. He communicates with passion and authority.
  3. His lectures are student-centered and interactive.

He is perhaps the only Professor of Physics, who is this passionate about the subject. One of his famous quotes, defines his passion to the maximum possible extent

“Physics Works, and I’m still alive!”

He doesn’t mind risking his life for a lecture (he doesn’t usually die), but an experiment cum demonstration like this one can go horribly wrong with just a tiny bit of extra force.

He casts such a spell in the classroom, that he is perhaps the only professor who manages to make Physics seem an interesting subject to those who might even detest it!

Watch some of Walter Lewin’s greatest moments. To see more, check out Professor Lewin’s classes on MIT OpenCourseWare (http://ocw.mit.edu):

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