What is the difference between networking and “using” people?

No one appreciates feeling “used” for what they have to offer.  However, people love helping out friends with whom they share a strong relationship.  Building real relationships is essential to every facet of our lives. Ron Clark, Director of BYU Public Affairs and Guest Relations for the past  28-years, teaches us all be more successful at connecting with people in this webcast (http://bit.ly/byualumni_webcast).

  • Be kind, open, and honest in your communication.
  • Be sincere and to the point.  Let others know your intentions.
  • Networking involves emotionally celebrating and commiserating with people.
  • Emotion is lost through electronic communication.
  • Networking is friendshipping. Truly desire to have the other person as a friend.

Tips on initiating business friendships:

Networking handshake

  • Desire to love people.
  • Be yourself.
  • Let down your guard.
  • Be confident.  Help people feel comfortable with you by being the one to break the “awkward ice.” Extend your hand and bring them in by the elbow.
  • Show just a little bit of wit.  People like to see a little bit of crazy.  Find the common denominator that makes you both laugh.
  • At the end of the exchange, the hope is to be able to be such close friends that you desire to hug one another goodbye.

Start truly networking today!


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I'm obsessed with learning via the appropriate technology. My professional mission is to effectively deliver instruction to learners in a way that yields the greatest results for all stakeholders involved.
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