Amazon Prime Streaming vs. Netflix — A Year Review

A year ago, Amazon Prime unveiled its unlimited video streaming service, which directly “competes” with a similar service from Netflix. So far, we haven’t seen much competition…

Amazon Prime is a $79-per-year shipping discount service available for select items sold on Amazon. Prime offers you unlimited 2-day shipping with no minimum order size and a flat rate of $4 per item for one-day shipping. It’s not clear why Amazon added video streaming to Prime, but for those already using the shipping service it’s a nice bonus.

Amazon Prime:
Pros: $79/year ($39/year for students), bundles streaming service along with famous online-purchase benefits, subtitles or dubbed versions for language titles.
ConsOnly 5,000 titles, not very new selection, only offers streaming.

Pros: 20.000 titles, best “new arrival” selection.
Cons: $7.99/mo for basic streaming service (no dvds), customers are least satisfied by this streaming service.

While I don’t think thousands of Netflix subscribers will cancel their memberships based on this announcement, I do think that Amazon Prime Instant Video is a service to continue to keep tabs on.




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