The Amazing World of Voice Acting

Mike Rowe has a ver professional sounding voice—deep and authoritative.  You may remember him for his role as host of Dirty Jobs.  In the video clip below, Mike demonstrates why he sometimes has that glazed over look when he’s speaking to the camera.

When I worked at the LDS Church office building, my desk was right next to all the producers for Mormon Radio.  Occasionally, they pulled me into the sound booth to record some lines or bear personal testimony of one thing or another.  It was challenging work; and I loved doing it!  It was fun for me to approximate the appropriate inflection, timing, emphasis, and all sorts of other things (you just don’t think about when speaking normally) in an effort to capture the character’s personality.  I was so focused on the sound of my voice, anything other noise would have been too distracting.  I can’t imagine the hours of practice it must take VO professionals, like Mike Rowe, to develop that skill—that must be why they makes the big bucks.

Try this out yourself: ask a friend to read something to you and try to parrot back the words back to them.


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