158 Tips on mLearning: From Planning to Implementation

In 2012, the big question was “Should we do mLearning?”  In 2013, the question has become “How should we do mLearning?”  From the one who brought us 61 Tips on mLearning: Making Learning Mobile almost a year ago, Karen Fornio, a Contributing Editor for the eLearning Guild, has done it again.  She has collected the findings of 23 experts in the field of developing and implementing mobile learning and compiled them into ebook filled with 158 mLearning tips, in areas including:

  • ebook mlearning tips coverSelling mLearning to stakeholders
  • Managing mLearning projects
  • Analyzing learners’ mLearning needs and preferences
  • Designing for mobile
  • Selecting and using mLearning tools and platforms
  • Working with mLearning media
  • Migrating and managing mLearning content
  • Using mobile for performance support
  • Delivering mLearning
  • Measuring mLearning success
  • Prospering in a multi-device world

Download from eLearning Guild Website (info request)
Direct Download Link of PDF (from my site)


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I'm obsessed with learning via the appropriate technology. My professional mission is to effectively deliver instruction to learners in a way that yields the greatest results for all stakeholders involved.
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