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The Science of Orienting Response: What Is It About Media That Engages Learners?

What is it about media that captivates people?  How should I be using more media (or less media) in my instruction?  At what times?  For what purposes?  Here’s some amazing research I bumped into this week that answers those very … Continue reading

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Earn My “Photoshop CS6 Literacy” Badge!

This new badge* will be accessible at non-BYU sponsored webpage. The direct link is not live yet; I still need to get my rubric reviewed and uploaded to the site. But it will soon be found on this site by … Continue reading

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Howard Gardener Speaks Out: Multiple Intelligences ≠ Learning Styles

In a recent Washington Post Op-Ed, Howard Gardner discusses his thoughts on the misinterpretation of MI Theory.  Here are some highlights from the article. What is ‘Multiple Intelligences’ (MI) theory: “I developed the idea that each of us has a number of … Continue reading

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Infographic Workshop (Using Adobe Illustrator)

This How-To-Make-an-Infographic workshop, developed by my fellow BYU instructor, Anneke Garcia.  It is designed to be a crash course in Adobe Illustrator®. Our undergraduate students have the option to create their own infographics as one of their major assignments for the “Technology … Continue reading

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